: NASA / New Horizon, Stop Obscuring Plutos Facts By Adnan Alshawafi

23-09-2015, 17:37
NASA / New Horizon, Stop Obscuring Plutos Facts By Adnan Alshawafi


(Adnan Alshawafi is not a stranger to controversy. He is a published astronomer from Yemen, and has been outspoken toward Harvard-Smithsonian, NASA and now, toward the findings from the New Horizon mission, regarding Pluto. What he is a proponent of is open discussion, speculation, analysis and mathematical deduction, with the ultimate goal of finding and respecting the Truth. Thats what this blog is all about. Here is an intellectual voice you wont hear from too many other sources.

At present, Alshawafi is caught up in a war-torn country, and is struggling to have his voice heard through all the chaos. I have edited this article hes sent to me, and am presenting it here in its entirety, so that you, the reader, can see what this man is going through to get his information out. The last third of this article is full of technical details, and I expect that as he did with a previous article, Alshawafi will forward this blog to science circles and forums where English speakers can read it.)

To NASA: I Approached NEW HORIZON through Math

But They Adopted Intuition Instead, thus, Sunset the Facts

By: Researcher Adnan Alshawafi

The series of criticism and doubts overshadowed NEW HORIZON mission began soon after its flyby close to Pluto on July 14th, 2015. This was triggered by the final photo of Pluto that was drawn by NEW HORIZON team where the dwarf planet looked completely spherical, etc. That finding was contrary to the expectations of many scientists and researchers, including me, since I wrote my full scientific explanation under the title Pluto and Charon cant be both completely spherical, which dates back to June, 2015.

Worth mentioning today that scientists at NEW HORIZON interjected themselves into a global scientific controversy because of what they have published about the dwarf planet Pluto. The result was a lot of inquiries and doubts which put the credibility of NEW HORIZON on the stake, the most important that be reversed to NASA, so they bowled as examples. (Not sure of meaning here, best guess is that it will reflect badly on NASA.)

In a report, Geekwire site published an article featuring astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson who is one of the most famous scientists in the US, where Tyson, a well-known proponent of categorizing Pluto as a dwarf planet, is a little less excited about the event, calling it awesome minus 10 percent.

An article was published by the news.sciencemag site and written by Eric Hand , where he mentioned how New Horizon got the final photo of Pluto in an article entitled How Plutos most spectacular image was madeand nearly lost and he refuted NEW HORIZONs details of Plutos surface in another article entitled Glacier-like ice flows detected on Plutos surface.

Newsweek site published an article entitled For Pluto Truthers, the New Horizons Mission Is Only the Latest Lie.
. At the same time, online criticism targeting New Horizons scientists from the world and American society, in particular, being a world leader in astronomy, means scientists would reject any phenomena that may affect the credibility and transparency of science. Some members of American society do praise my explanations about Pluto.

American blogger Raymond Towers published an article entitled A challenge for NASA Is Pluto spherical? by Adnan Alshawafi in his News Blog verumetinventa. He said if youve browsed through this blog (mentioning Adnans blog), you will see many, many perspectives being brought to light. Exposing darkness is a necessary step into bringing about light and changing the world.

Hence, I hope to bring light to NASA and the world:
I refuted the conclusion assumed unduly by NEW HORIZON that there is nitrogen ice on Pluto because the flyby of the dwarf planet was closer to the perigee of its orbit around the sun. The temperature at this distance and low pressure will not allow the composition of nitrogen ice. The nitrogen would be in a gaseous state at this atmosphere. Note that the explanations that the dwarf planets atmosphere components including nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide were already monitored by the European Southern Observatory and published on Space.com in a 2009 article by Clara Moskowitz, entitled Plutos Atmosphere Warmer Than Thought.

The team of New Horizon interpreted the flow of water ice without logical proof to find a unique discovery for the reclassification of Pluto as a planet. They may change their interpretation. I think it is better for them to hold off saying there exists water, as a result of the interaction of thermal decomposition of oxidative methane component of carbon monoxide by volcanoes and natural factors on the surface of Pluto. This gives the relative difference of intensity of icy clouds compared to the nitrogen in the state of gaseous at atmosphere (we said icy clouds because the ice on Pluto becomes as a fog like air at Earth because of the low pressure on the surface of Pluto). So the clouds appear in abutting with the malformations and cracks on the surface, which made them believe the ice is flowing, and more importantly, that icy clouds cover malformations and cracks on the surface, which still made them believe Pluto is completely spherical.

The limit of this dissertation is more than just explanations of the truth about Pluto and Charon. It is a presumption and proof that confirms the correct scientific approach and the strength of mathematics depended on to write my hypothesis Compound balance balls, article on National Yemen, where I managed to explain the cosmic phenomena logically and mathematically to find a way out of the two opposite conclusions. I had been studying the coordinates of Pluto and Charon and researched the regressive movement (vibratory movement) as indicated in my hypothesis and that the same movement which are described by New Horizon as a complex orbital dancing.

On the ground, and by following scientific criteria of the dimensions and the coordinates released by the photos about Pluto and Charon, they still assert the complex orbital dance. Earlier I grasped complex orbital dance, where I had described it as a regressive (vibratory) movement according to the hypothesis in my book published in 2013 . So I confirmed an orbital dance after an analysis of the coordinates of Pluto and Charon in previous photos taken from faraway distances and labeled by New Horizon as obscure pictures, because I did not imitate their optical analysis to understand those photos. The scientific explanation of orbital dance is a regressive movement, or a vibratory movement (disorder of the distance between Pluto and Charon back and forth and never moves in a regular elliptical orbit so there are aphelion and perigee more than once per one orbital rotation of Charon around Pluto).

So here is the reason of the disorder, in changing in distance, as a result of changing factors controlling the balance of the attraction force and the repulsion force between Pluto and Charon, according to my hypothesis that was published in my book in 2013 Hypothesis of compound balance factitious balls an approach in astronomy: ((An orb charged by the field of the gravity magnetic attraction field which is gained by the space due to the rotation around itself, and the magnetic field intensity is directly proportional with square root for the distance)) and: (( An orb which has a volume in space repulses against all similar other orbs which separate among the space, by the field of repulsion spread every direction and its effect according to the orbs surface area in all directions, it prorates reversely with square root for the distance)) page 71 .

Where the hypothesis is based on eight laws and eight new mathematical equations you can realize a mathematical analysis of the vibratory movement of orbs (compound orbital dance for Pluto and Charon), which is a result of the change in opposite surfaces between Pluto and Charon. That means the perspective of Plutos surface from Charon is constantly changing. Also the perspective of Charons surface from Pluto is constantly changing. Therefore, conclude that Pluto and Charon cannot have completely spherical shape for the both of them.

In other words, The constantly changing distance can also be attributed to the fact that the mass of Pluto or Charon is not concentrated in the bodys center. If we break it into halves, we will see that one half has larger mass than the other half by over 20% in proportion (5:4) , there is a presence of the deformation in the surface of Pluto or Charon. This explanation is developed following an in-depth study of the probabilities and on the applicable concepts.

I also concluded the distance between Pluto center and the common center of gravity keeps constantly changing. So, the spiral route of Plutos center in its orbit around the sun does not have constant radius of its spiral route. The motion of Plutos center in its orbit around the sun draws a circle up to a radius of 3000 4000 km, but according to what we know i.e. 2100 km. It seems to us that Plutos motion around the factitious thing in the middle of its orbital spiral route around the sun , as a result of the compound balance system (binary system) for Pluto and Charon with the sun, accords to the hypothesis of compound balance factitious balls.
...... etc https://verumetinventa.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/nasa-new-horizon-stop-obscuring-plutos-facts-by-adnan-alshawafi/